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Doug Bolton

After many years of service and business leadership in the Cincinnati and Dayton regions, it’s appropriate that Doug is putting his energy on a solution to our region’s volunteer crisis. He brings to Cincinnati Cares experience as a trained journalist in print, digital and all forms of broadcast media, with deep knowledge of and involvement in most, if not all economic ecosystems in our 3-state region. He has strong capabilities as a chief spokesman through speaking and audience engagement and has overseen processes and P&Ls, human resource management, strategic planning, marketing execution and sales and sales management.
Over the past 20 years, as CEO of his respective organizations, he has taken three good organizations and made them great. Two were in the publishing industry — including 10 years as publisher of the Business Courier — the other in commercial real estate services. In addition, he has served as board chair and in other leadership roles in some of our region’s largest nonprofit organizations.
He is an Eagle Scout, visionary leader, takes risks, empowers people with honesty and transparency, focuses on results, gives back to the community and inspires trust.
Doug spent nearly seven years as the leader of the Cushman & Wakefield Cincinnati-Dayton region, a position he was recruited to and was attracted to by the opportunity to become an equity owner in what was then Cassidy Turley. With Cassidy Turley selling to private equity and the private equity firm taking C&W public, 2018 was the perfect year for Doug to step out to seek his next leadership role. It was during that period when his longtime acquaintance, Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America board member Craig Young, began to talk with Doug about the inspiration and opportunities at Cincinnati Cares.
What began in late 2017 and continues to grow rapidly, Cincinnati Cares will use its market-leading platform to continue to be the dominant way volunteers in Greater Cincinnati connect to opportunities where they are needed most.
Since its inception, Craig has provided this service for the community. Beginning in 2019, Cincinnati Cares is transitioning to doing this work with the community. Cincinnati Cares’ core offerings will be aimed at businesses of all sizes, helping them inspire their leadership, engage their employees and empower a healthy workforce and profitable business outcomes.
With its partnership with 500+ nonprofits in our region, Cincinnati Cares will continue to work directly with individuals who use our platform to discover how they can help. As the Points of Light Foundation-certified Service Enterprise Initiative trainer, Cincinnati Cares will work with nonprofits on improving how they engage, train and match volunteers.
But it is Cincinnati Cares’ overall mission to create a Greater Cincinnati that excites Doug the most.

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